Warehouse and Logistics Services

Protect your Assets from Criminal Intrusion

A warehouse is designed for ease of access and the loading and unloading of materials which leads to security concerns. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks at storage and distribution facilities commonly due to their remote locations.

Hawk Security Guards will protect your property and assets from theft and vandalism. When deciding on the security provisions for your premises, consider safety by means of a Hawk Security Guard. The value of your building materials and machinery are too costly to leave without patrol.

Hawk provides warehouse security services throughout the Lower Mainland. When it comes to protecting your warehouse, Hawk Security is at the top of their class.

We ensure you have the "best for business" approach to satisfy your needs. We will provide actionable, cost effective recommendations. Hawk Security performs various duties in managing security for distribution centers, logistic companies, warehouses etc., some of our duties include:

  • taking records of all incoming and outgoing vehicles;
  • checking all outgoing vehicles for bill of lading, secured seals, invoices, and safety load restraints;
  • monitoring on site fire, camera and alarm systems; and,
  • maintaining an employee photo ID database, managing truck traffic, escort and monitoring visitors.

Hawk Security has experiences in providing security services for the following:

  • Commercial and Residential buildings
  • Shopping malls and Retail stores
  • Banks and Credits Unions
  • Hotels and Hospitals
  • Provincial and Federal Governments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Warehouses
  • Construction Sites
  • Special Events

We also provide the following services:

  • Z-Plus Security for Executives & VIPs
  • Corporate Travel Security
  • Protective Services
  • Emergency Protocol & Evacuation Services