Training Process

We place great emphasis on regular client, both formal and informal. Only through this contract can we assess our own performance and constantly seek ways to improve Hawk Security. With this in mind we require that each potential officer undergo an intense and extensive selection program of training.

Basic security training level I & II

All Security officers go though a BST I & II training course provided by authorize schools from Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Job & task specific training

All Security Officers are provided with instruction on general security, including Customer Service training, and given training specific to assigned duties. As well, each Officer is providing with an orientation tour of the site assigned.

Employee assistance program (EAP)

In today's fast-paced world, we all face a wide range of concerns including balancing home and work life, time constraints and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people also struggle with difficult personal problems, such as broken or troubled relationships, parenting issues, alcohol and drug abuse, and financial worries, any of which can significantly interfere with efforts to live and work productively.

Our organization is committed to helping its employees by offering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP is a resource that helps employees confidentially resolve almost any concern that negatively affects their work or personal life. The EAP is also available as a resource to supervisors/managers, providing consultation and help when an employee's personal problems begin affecting their job performance.

"Troubled employees" are often unable to resolve personal problems on their own. In many cases, lack of resolution continues to erode functioning.

As a supervisor or manager, we are in a key position to motivate troubled employees to seek help for the personal problems they are experiencing. The purpose of this manual is to assist you in your role and to serve as a reminder that the EAP is a useful resource at every stage of the coaching process.

Responsive and resourceful

Our Account Service Team & Protective Service Division work with clients to evaluate performance and to ensure incidents/situations at your sites are quickly identified, recorded, and corrective actions taken. Our success is in the management and supervision of our personnel. We ensure that our staff has the support and back up they need to give their best at all times. Field Supervisors operate around the clock and regularly monitor officers on site. Similarly our clients have 24 hour access to our senior management should they have any concerns.

Supervisory management training course (SMTC)

"A person who wants to lead the orchestra must be willing to face the music." Anon A supervisor or team leader provides the link between management and the workforce. Sometimes this means that they feel they are being pulled in all sorts of different directions. Our supervisory management skill course covers all the important areas a supervisor has to cope with.

Through exercises, case studies, practical examples and clear guidelines we will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve results through the effective supervision of staff.

Wired time making the connection

Our company uses the latest technology WIRED TIME for the safety of our clients and security officers.

Wired Time is breaking ground in mobile workforce automation by introducing a solution that is everything the competition is not - simple. From the handheld WT500 that collects worker, time and task data from the field, to the WT Express software that provides real-time analytics and detailed reports, everything has been designed for ease of use and quick deployment.

Wired Time enables the instant collection of worker time and task details that are unattainable with GPS alone. The WT500, for example, is GPS ready, and provides interactive mapping right out of the box, but goes far beyond the capabilities of GPS by giving details about which specific tasks were performed onsite (inspections, repairs, maintenance etc.) who was present (in Crew Mode) and how long each task took.

In-service training

  • First Aid - Powers of Arrest - Bike Patrol Skills and Tactics
  • Crowd Management - Report Writing Skills - Conflict Resolution
  • Ethnic Diversity - Workplace Harassment - Security Supervisor
  • Robbery Prevention Retail Loss Prevention - Mobile Patrol Tactics
  • Access Control - Security Host - Traffic Control
  • Dispatcher Duties - CCTV Monitoring

Hawk Security has experiences in providing security services for the following:

  • Commercial and Residential buildings
  • Shopping malls and Retail stores
  • Banks and Credits Unions
  • Hotels and Hospitals
  • Provincial and Federal Governments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Warehouses
  • Construction Sites
  • Special Events

We also provide the following services:

  • Z-Plus Security for Executives & VIPs
  • Corporate Travel Security
  • Protective Services
  • Emergency Protocol & Evacuation Services