How Hawk has helped other organizations

"You want to reduce your security cost? No Problem. Hawk provides the ultimate proactive service. They save us thousand and thousand of dollars. We definitely recommend them for your safety and security. When ever we called them suspecting a problem they already knew and rectified the problem before I even knew about it. It is nice to know they are always looking out for us."
- Dennis Hoffart, Dominion Fairmile Inc.

"We appreciate the professional and intelligent way Hawk security guards handle our security. I have been quite impressed with their responsiveness when we need them."
- Peter Ilich, Container World Inc.

"Just like to thanks Hawk securities for the excellent work at the Flack Block. Your Guards had done a good job to keep our job sit secure at night and on the weekends. Looking forward to work with Hawk Security in the future again"
- Harry Chow - Dominion Fairmile Inc.

"I am please to provide this letter of reference concerning the service that you have provided to our organization and all our other stations through out Lower Mainland. The management team at Hawk has exceeded our expectations in several areas, and has contributed in problem solving as well as providing friendly and efficient service. Their staff is always in uniform giving a professional demeanor look. We wish them good luck for there future."
- Bob Osterman, Iron Mountain Inc.

"The staffs at Hawk are extremely knowledgeable, responsive, friendly and professional. It is reassuring to know their problem-solving expertise is only a phone call away."
- Erin Davidson, Austin Heights Business Improvement Association.

"Hawk Security has exceeded my expectations' at this account. Specifically, Hawk is extremely responsive and realizes that the clients' needs are of vital importance. This is what needs to be done to provide a safe and secure environment for our tenants."
- Anita-Marie Colliers International Inc.

Hawk Security has experiences in providing security services for the following:

  • Commercial and Residential buildings
  • Shopping malls and Retail stores
  • Banks and Credits Unions
  • Hotels and Hospitals
  • Provincial and Federal Governments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Warehouses
  • Construction Sites
  • Special Events

We also provide the following services:

  • Z-Plus Security for Executives & VIPs
  • Corporate Travel Security
  • Protective Services
  • Emergency Protocol & Evacuation Services