Our Mission

"Provide quality management and highly trained security professionals to protect the safety of our customers and their properties."


Hawk Security is dedicated to the protection of people and property and we will never leave a client unprotected, our profound commitment to security will provide our clients with peace of mind. We provide quality security services to the government and commercial sector through recruitment of valued employees, extensive training, advanced technology and the synchronized action of professionally supervised teams. We seek to establish security for our clients through operational application of active and passive risk mitigation resources whose purpose is to deter threats from the workplace.

Mission Focused
Recruitment of superior front line defenders of security and peace Loss prevention through active positioning and vigilant attention to duty Proactive engagement in order to defuse situations that can pose a threat to our clients Commitment to providing professional and responsive security services

Maintain contract compliance Make timely information-driven decisions Compromise of integrity is non-negotiable Return on investment to our customers and stakeholders

Commitment to absolute client satisfaction Develop and maintain information systems and technologies for analysis Remain abreast on technologic trends and provide necessary upgrades Remain innovative and embrace constructive change

Guiding Principles
Simple is good. Accountability for actions United we can overcome all challenges Strong communication is critical to success