About Hawk Security

Established in 2003, Hawk Security provides quality security services to small and medium-sized businesses, governments, construction companies, industries and educational institutions. Hawk Security, a division of Hawk Group of Companies, is privately-owned and incorporated in British Columbia, Canada; our head office is located in Port Moody, British Columbia. Hawk Security is currently in the process expanding to the United States and India to meet the demands of new emerging markets.

Since acquiring our first contract in 2003, Hawk Security has provided security services across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. At Hawk Security we strive to improve existing programs and services and introduce new endeavors to satisfy our client needs.

Hawk Security offers a unique professional brand of quality security services and is experienced in the provision of security for corporate headquarters, complexes, movie studios, and government facilities.

A major factor in the success and growth of our company is the importance we have placed on four tenets: the recruitment of quality security personnel, the implementation of extensive training programs, the use of advanced technology, and the building of effective security teams lead by professional management staff. Hawk Security continues to extend the remarkable success of our company in providing the very best security services available.

At Hawk Security, we have a strong background in providing quality security services to the commercial sector. Our Managers have extensive and proven security experience drawn directly from their training and work experience, and have been carefully screened and selected based on our corporate values.

Hawk Security is an established company in a niche market that holds a great potential for future growth. In 2009, we had annual revenue of $25 million, in British Columbia. Our mission is to empower the commercial sector and government agencies with our security services and become the market leader in our industry.

Community and Social Involvement

Hawk Security plays an active role in supporting our communities. We seek to enhance the development of society through different initiatives that include fund-raising activities, donations, as well as active participation in charitable local programs and organizations.

Hawk Security also recognizes the dedication of its employees and encourages those who are personally committed to improving their communities by donating time, skills, and expertise to make a significant difference.

Our Business Model

Hawk Security is committed to achieving high performance standards characterized by a "hands-on" management approach. Hawk Security's corporate goal is to be the market leader in security services and to provide a fair rate of return to our shareholders. We offer security services solutions of the highest quality. In addition to our own expertise, we foster close ties to a select group of value-added re-sellers to provide our clients with specialized knowledge and regional expertise. Let us assure you that your professional Hawk Security Guards will provide you with the protection you require at the highest level of service guaranteed.

Mission Focused
Recruitment of superior front line defenders of security and peace Loss prevention through active positioning and vigilant attention to duty Proactive engagement in order to defuse situations that can pose a threat to our clients Commitment to providing professional and responsive security services

Maintain contract compliance Make timely information-driven decisions Compromise of integrity is non-negotiable Return on investment to our customers and stakeholders

Commitment to absolute client satisfaction Develop and maintain information systems and technologies for analysis Remain abreast on technologic trends and provide necessary upgrades Remain innovative and embrace constructive change

Guiding Principles
Simple is good. Accountability for actions United we can overcome all challenges Strong communication is critical to success